Good News, Everyone!

I was looking through some of my statistics today, and I noticed that I had gotten a view from a link that appeared on IMDb. “That’s odd,” I thought. “I’ve never posted anything there. What could that possibly be?” Curious, I clicked on the link. And after a little bit of clicking, this is what I found:



For those that do not read my blog regularly, that is a screenshot of someone posting on an IMDb discussion board, word-for-word, my Battle Royale Vs. The Hunger Games post that I wrote back in April.

That’s right. I have been plagiarized!

And I am terribly excited about it!

That may sound awfully odd to many of you, being excited that some dipshit stole my writing and used it as his own. But I’m super-excited about it for several reasons:

  1. Somebody recognized my writing as something that was good enough to steal. And that is, in itself, kind of flattering. There are plenty of BR vs. THG comparisons out there, and this jerkoff chose mine to steal.
  2. If you read his first post in the thread, you will see that  Mr. El Voldemort there was livid because he believes that Suzanne Collins, the author of The Hunger Games, had blatantly ripped off Battle Royale. And if he had bothered to read my whole analysis, instead of just the first one or two paragraphs, he would see that I very much do not believe that. But he had posted this in response to someone defending THG as a defense of his own opinion. Oh, the irony!
  3. Speaking of irony, this anal polyp blatantly plagiarized my work in a thread (that he started, by the way) criticizing Suzanne Collins for blatantly plagiarizing someone else’s work. And I find immense entertainment in that fact.
  4. And here’s the best part. I would be furious right now, were it not for this point. But, it turns out, some people actually care! Now, the link that brought me to IMDb was not the above screenshot, but was in fact, this one:

Somebody by the name of dragos_f saw this genital wart’s post… and called him on it!  This person is my new hero! And I thank him from the bottom of my silly, organ mining heart. Not only did he tear this cancerous cock down in only three sentences, but he cited the source in plain view, giving me, a completely unknown review blogger with a heart of gold and chocolate, writing reviews for fun, a little bit of recognition. You, dragos_f, are a white knight of the internet. And once again, I thank you for kicking this shit stain in the metaphorical dick and standing up for the unknown bloggers everywhere.

And to all of you Sheikh Kamal El Voldemort assholes out there, remember, this is the internet. If you steal someone’s work, someone will find you out.


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