I’m in kind of a pickle at the moment. I really want to continue writing for this blog, but I haven’t really been playing video games or reading books, or really doing anything for the past long while. I haven’t completed Borderlands 2 or Pokémon White Version 2 yet, and those are really the only things I’ve been doing lately that would be worth reviewing.

So, in the interest of continuing to add new content to Organ Miner Reviews, I have decided to implement two new segments to the blog for when I hit a dry spell like this. The first will be entitled Organ Miner Thinks About Stuff. These segments will not be reviews of any kind, but will instead focus on my thoughts and opinions on upcoming and controversial entertainment. Pretentious as that may sound, it’s actually quite innocent. For example, my first Organ Miner Thinks About Stuff will be my opinion on Disney’s acquisition of LucasFilms and the announcement of Star Wars Episode VII.

The second new segment will be entitled From Back in the Day. That simply means I’ll be reviewing less current games, movies, etc., from older generations of entertainment. It will focus mostly on games. My first planned From Back in the Day will be about Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. For some reason, I’ve been thinking about that game a lot lately, and I want to put my thoughts on it into writing.

So, for all none of you that read my blog regularly, look forward to some new content in the near future. I hope you enjoy Organ Miner Thinks About Stuff and From Back in the Day.


About The Organ Miner

I enjoy video games and otters. That is all that I am at liberty to disclose. View all posts by The Organ Miner

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