With Your Help, We Can Possibly Save a Starving Review Writer

With Your Help, We Can Possibly Save a Starving Review Writer

I have some pretty cool news for all of my readers. I was recently given a position of sorts at examiner.com. I am a Playstation Examiner, and my first article was just published. This means that I will be posting articles and reviews to this new site, and may even get paid to do so, if I get enough traffic. So, it would be really super-duper if I could get a couple clicks from you. This first article is the first part of my three part review of White Knight Chronicles II.

Sadly, this means that most everything that I write about anything Playstation related will be posted to examiner.com rather than here and they will also contain none of the profanity to which you have become so accustomed.

But fear not! I will still be posting to this blog. Any movie reviews will be posted here, as well as any book reviews, From Back In The Day, etc. will still be posted here in the same curse-laden fashion that we have all come to love so much.

And as if you needed any more incentive to visit my new Examiner page, you can also finally find out the real name of The Organ Miner (because I’m sure you were all really curious about that).



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I enjoy video games and otters. That is all that I am at liberty to disclose. View all posts by The Organ Miner

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